I hope you enjoyed your experience exploring the exhibition. I hope it has helped broaden your knowledge of Section 31 and its use during the Troubles. As a graduate of Modern Irish History, I am deeply invested in the continued exploration and research of all things Irish History, especially if it is related to the Troubles.

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A satirical image of a member of the 'press'. The person is framed against a grey/black background with a light source illuminating their body. They are wearing a green, long sleeved t-shirt, a black, leather strapped watch on their right arm, and a pink balaclava. They are holding their hands behind their head in mock surrender. A badge with the word 'PRESS' in black, all caps writing is pinned to their chest. Their are two pieces of grey tape across their mouth which have in red, all caps, lettering the word 'CENSORED'.
Photograph Credit: Diarmaid Hough, 2020